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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thou Shalt Have Great Sex!!!

I thought that would grab your attention.  It sure did mine as Pastor JD renamed the 7th Commandment today in his sermon.  It's amazing to me week after week the he can take what I think I already know and teach me something.  This week he used this commandment as a tool to teach how God was protecting something invaluable to us -- great sex, a oneness between husband and wife and intermingling of bodies within the confines of marriage.  Yes, he used it to state the obvious things it was against but he made this commandment a beautiful attribute of our marriage to Christ as His bride (once we get past this physical world).  JD was full of hilarity and kept things light while lowering the boom on us about the inproper use of this beautiful tool.  He then clearly gave it flight when he reminded us of the story of Mary Magdalene when Jesus states let he who hath no sin cast the first stone.  "Neither condemn I you; Go and sin no more."  Ahh, restoration no matter where we are in our walk.  I was amazed again.  Neither condemn I you; go and sin no more.  I love you all!!!

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