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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bitter Sweetness

It is with bitter sweetness as I watch my living room begin to fill up with boxes and luggage and baskets and such.  My youngest returns to college on Monday and even though I knew this day was coming, I wasn't expecting to feel this way.  She is so delighted and bouncing around happy to be returning to her friends and the home she has made at school.  I am truly happy for her and until today was bouncing around with her.  I've worried over this child for 19 years now why would today be any different??  She seems so grown up and so secure in her decisions and yet was it that long ago she was crying on my shoulder needing my advice?  I love this child and need her to need me but know that above all she is the Lord's and was only mine for a time.  I have done my best with her and will always be there for her.  We have many moments left to share; they just won't be daily.  I know other mothers must feel the same way when their birdies fly the coup but today I feel like the only one.

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  1. I know that feeling all too well. If you haven't read my Pity Party posts on my blog from Sunday and Monday, you will see we are going through the very same things!!

    Love you Joann!