Welcome to my first blog. I am delighted to have you here and hope to share a little insight into ME!! Feel free to leave any notes you have especially any tips you may have since I'm new to this. Take care and God bless!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is 98% Enough?

Is 98% enough?  In school it's an A.  If my kids bring home a 98, I'm thrilled.  If I paid 98% of my power bill, the power company wouldn't be happy with me.  Well, God leans towards the power company way of thinking.  98% of obedience is still disobedience.  It is still choosing to CHOOSE your own WILL instead of GOD's and that's wrong.  This is a hard pill to swallow.  Pastor JD really punched me in the nose with these words today.  I always felt that if I tried my best it would be good enough.  In a way it is, as long as I am giving 100%.  But most of the time my best is not truly my best and I blame lots of things for it.  I'm tired, I'm weak, I'm only human, I can ask forgiveness later...all reasons for not giving 100%.  Do you give 100%?  We should all try harder to please God knowing that we still have His mercy but He does expect us to repent and turn from our wicked ways.  I know I am turning a new leaf today.  God be with me and I pray He is with you. 

Monday, October 18, 2010


Emotions run rampant when one of your children is hurt, especially when you are helpless to do anything about it.  Right now, my emotions range from wanting to jerk a knot in someone's head to wanting to comfort my precious young'un.  I hate teenagers and don't understand why they have to behave like their hormones are their rulers.  I can't wait til this phase has passed and ALL of my children have reached the next part of their lives.  I know each stage has its problems but GOSH!!!!  How much can a mother take!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh Happy Day....

Well, it's Thursday, day before leaving for my scrapbooking retreat and I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself.  All of my scrapbooking stuff is packed and ready to go.  All I need to do is pack up my glad rags and wooly socks and we're off tomorrow to a land far far away (not really, only 1 1/2 hrs but it seems so far away from here).  I'm leaving behind all the cares of this world as I go.  Of course, I will come back to them, but I will be much fresher and happier and an all-around better person.  Next week will be full of the same stresses and more so I will have to be on my toes but I will feel up to facing things again after a brief refresher.  I am so thankful for this time away.  Oh happy day...:-D