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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


How can I go from Happiness just two hours ago to Loneliness??  Well, I'm family-oriented.  I love having family around.  My poor Golden Retriever Millie just isn't company enough these days.  I prepared as best I could for the empty-nest syndrome and feel I adapted quite well.  Doug and I settled into a nice routine and got quite comfortable with it.  Then 2010 hit...and my world went haywire.  Doug got promoted at work which sent his schedule into the abyss (to put it nicely), our oldest moved back home for a couple of months unexpectedly and then as quickly as she was here, she was gone moving in with her bf in GA.  Shortly after her uproar came the summer which brought home the younger two college age children and all of their boxes of stuff in my nice clean house.  I gave up on fighting the clutter until they would move back out to college in the fall (or would they?).  June hit with an early month phone call from our oldest announcing her brief engagement to her Coast Guard bf.  They would be married in 9 days -- YIKES!!!  Deep breath, you can handle this, go on.  Three weeks later the middle child, our son announced his intention NOT to return to school in Michigan but to enlist in the NAVY.  Say WHAT?!?  No warning, just BAM!!!  Two weeks after that our youngest, another daughter, had a meltdown and didn't feel she could return to school.  She was transferring to a new school and it felt daunting and she was overwhelmed with fatigue and emotions.  We immediately scheduled appts with drs to see what the trouble was and she was sent to have a nutritional scan done with identified some areas of weakness in her and prescribed some supplements which oddly enough showed immediate improvement in her energy level.  Three weeks after the meltdown, she decided she would try to go back to her original school in the spring.  She knew that is where God wanted her and that she was happy there.  The school misread her app and thought she wanted back for the fall and called her and said they wanted her back and now here we are with one week til classes and she is enrolled!!  OMG!!!  What a whirlwind!!!  I'm exhausted...

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