Welcome to my first blog. I am delighted to have you here and hope to share a little insight into ME!! Feel free to leave any notes you have especially any tips you may have since I'm new to this. Take care and God bless!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

In a Closed Mind

I am saddened to think of all those who suffer with dementia and the turmoil they must be in.  I watched this week as my great aunt who suffers from a severe case of it wondered where she was and why she was there at her brother's memorial service.  She was polite and in quiet control and even sang the hymns (from memory, I might add) but it broke my heart when she introduced herself to her brother for the second time and introduced my mom to my aunt (my mom's sister).  I thought of how the mind was closing itself off so as not to hurt her anymore than she was already hurting.  I thought of her siblings and children who it was obviously wearing on.  I pray for dear aunt Louise, that she will have peace and be in a peaceful state causing those around her more joy than pain.

So Many Lost...

Ok, so I've lost 15 lbs now but I'm gonna switch from Jenny to Weight Watchers.  Jenny is just too costly for us right now so we've got to cut back but the premises are the same so I think I'll do fine.

But what I really wanted to write about was the lost in the world.  My heart aches knowing that there are so many that don't know Jesus as Lord.  No, I'm not a preachy kinda gal but I'm a realist and reality is that apart from Jesus life is empty and condemned to hell.  I pray for my friends who don't know Him.  If you are one of those and you are reading this and curious, ask me.  I'll tell you how He changed my life.  He really changed ME and died for ME and for YOU too.

With all my love...Joann

Friday, February 18, 2011

Depression hurts!

Depression is a battle I fight almost daily.  Sometimes I hardly know which way is out but I know this.  I know that God made me and loves me the way that I am.  He cares for every time I shed a tear.  He cares for every time I feel blue.  He loves me!!!  I pray for healing and I know that one day I will have it, even if that day is when we meet Jesus face to face.  I hang on.  I hang on.  I hang on.  What more can I do except leave it with Him and do my best.  If this is a battle you fight too then my prayers are with you for I know each day is not easy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jenny -- Week 2

Well, week 2 has passed and I still sit at -10 lbs but I'm happy with that.  I was sick part of this week so my activitiy level has been down and I've eaten out a couple of times so I don't feel bad about it.  I'm really only supposed to be losing 1-2 lbs / week anyway so I'm still ahead of the curve.  Now let's see what this week brings....hmmm, Valentine's Day and dinner out again.  Oh well, I'll do my best and that's all I can do.  Thanks for all the encouraging notes and messages.  Keep 'em coming.  I need all the help I can get.  Love y'all!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Sunday!!!!

It's Sunday and I'm looking forward to the day.  I'm going to church with my honeyman (yes, I went yesterday but it was so good, I'm going back) and then of course, we'll watch the Superbowl together.  So a day of togetherness it is for the Rausch family.  Yippee!!!

Jenny -- Week One

Well, I made it through week 1 with 10 lbs to show for my efforts.  I am excited about the prospects and hopeful for the future and looking forward to a few new cohorts joining me on similar diets next week.  We'll keep each other accountable.  I don't know if I will have as much success in the coming weeks but if this is a taste of what is to come, I think I can do it this time.  But I sure do miss ice cream!!!  teehee