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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Sad State of Affairs

It is quite sad to realize that one day we all will probably get to the age and state that we can't take care of ourselves.  I witnessed this firsthand today as I sat with my inlaws all day in a cozy little apartment watching the Game Show Network and watching them sleep in between fits of complaining about their aches and pains.  Not that they were complainers, they just couldn't help themselves.  Mom's arms are so arthritic she can't use them and she had a headache and something wrong with her eye and her knee was bothering her.  Dad just couldn't remember things from one moment to the next.  It was so sad to watch that I am crying inside, weeping at the pain we are in.  I call out to my Father and beg for His guidance for us all.  We have some tough decisions to make quickly.  I call on you, my fellow bloggers, for prayer and advice.  They can't stay alone, that much is clear; but what to do with them and where to put them is unclear.  They want to remain in their home in Louisville and they can't without supervision.  We want them here so we can take care of them.  They do not want to be here.  HELP!!!!

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