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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pondering Friendship...

Today at church, Pastor Jason challenged us with a sermon about friendship using the friendship of David and Jonathan as a basis for the sermon.  As I meditated on the words he issued I realized I have many types of friendships in my life -- facebook friendships, acquaintances, friends I keep at a distance, friends I have thru my family, and true, meaningful friendships.  I want more of the true, meaningful friendships -- the friendships you can count on in a pinch, the ones you nurture and develop.  But as I say this I realize that even Jesus only had a few very close friends and maybe that is the way it is intended to be so that we can maintain these friendships.  Look at the friendships he had.  First of all, the disciples themselves.  There were only 12.  But of the twelve, there were 3 special ones, ones closer than the others and of those John was the one laying on his chest before He departed from the Last Supper.  And then there were Lazarus, Mary and Martha.  These 3 were so close to Him that they knew He would come and save Lazarus from death.  I want to be this kind of friend and have these kind of friends.  I already have some.  I hope you are one.  If not, let's try to become covenant friends.  Everyone could stand one more intimate person in their life.  Won't you be my friend?