Welcome to my first blog. I am delighted to have you here and hope to share a little insight into ME!! Feel free to leave any notes you have especially any tips you may have since I'm new to this. Take care and God bless!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Depression hurts!

Depression is a battle I fight almost daily.  Sometimes I hardly know which way is out but I know this.  I know that God made me and loves me the way that I am.  He cares for every time I shed a tear.  He cares for every time I feel blue.  He loves me!!!  I pray for healing and I know that one day I will have it, even if that day is when we meet Jesus face to face.  I hang on.  I hang on.  I hang on.  What more can I do except leave it with Him and do my best.  If this is a battle you fight too then my prayers are with you for I know each day is not easy.


  1. Joanne, sorry you have this battle. But one of my favorite verses is Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee." I trust that you will find it a comfort if you have not already. I know with Whom your trust is placed. May you have bright days and tomorrows and may you joy be profound.